A New Approach to Homework

There are two areas of my practise that I have always struggled to tackle sufficiently, marking and homework. I have talked a little about my new approach to marking here. To sum up I am marking my books every day using Kevin Lister’s #RAG123 system. I am planning to blog about this in more detail […]

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Preliminary SOLO Research Findings

In this post I will outline my preliminary research findings from my investigation into using SOLO taxonomy as a framework for peer and self assessment. I will provide a brief overview of how the research was carried out before summarising the findings. In my school we start teaching the science GCSE course (21st century science) […]

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Journey to Outstanding

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few months reading other people’s blogs, sharing their good practise and fantastic ideas for the classroom. I decided it was about time that I joined them. I am already sharing my successes within the science department at school and, to a certain extent, with the rest […]

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